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I have been a real estate professional specializing in SE Michigan residential sales for over 30 years. I believe my longevity and continued success in the industry can be attributed to my commitment to providing clients with a realistic overview of the local market as well the facts and figures they need to make an informed decision for their specific real estate situation, be it buying, selling, investing in or leasing property. I have been involved in hundreds of transactions in all kinds of real estate markets. If a problem arises at any time during the buy/sell/close process I have the experience and the resources to resolve it.

I understand that buying or selling a home can be an incredibly stressful life event for many people. My goal with all clients is to do whatever it takes to make their real estate experience comfortable, seamless and successful.

For BUYERS Browsing online is a good way to start to understand prices and location options. I recommend a BUYER CONSULTATION meeting for anyone seriously ready buy. Every aspect of home viewing, contract negotiation, mechanical inspections and mortgage financing is reviewed, and all questions are answered. An educated buyer can narrow options and make an informed purchase decision, not an impulse buy.

For SELLERS Many real estate websites have tools that are a good resource when casually tracking what property might be worth, but nothing replaces a meeting with a knowledgeable local Realtor to determine current market value. I often start the process with owners months before they are ready to sell. We discuss current and projected market conditions, repairs/upgrades that are necessary or may add value, and the sales process start to finish once a home is ready to go on the market. We consider all options and come up with goals and a plan.

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